“Marina Dinevi" is equipment from a new generation, answering, only to the world standards.
Its capacity is for 300 yachts, 50 from which to the royal class over 25 meters. Each yacht-assembly is being equipped with electricity, water, a digital television, a telephone, a facsimile, wireless Internet, as well as mobile fueling with fuel next to each position on the port.

Around the clock there is active video recorder-guard, guaranteed the security in the seaport.
Yachtsman will like best, the services that have remained for exploitation and support which, "Marina Dinevi" have got. Service center with fix-it shop, shop for parts, accessories and gear, education and signing captains and skilled personnel and others.
The seaside zone includes assortment of entertaining institutions and the five stars Hotel "Palace" with 2 restaurants, swimming pool and casino, fit for individual, family and conference tourism. The compulsory shops, restaurants, bars and a disco with Jacuzzi fill the fascinating picture of the seaport, by what one of the most prestigious resorts can be prided as well.

Marina Dinevi     Marina Dinevi     Marina Dinevi
Marina Dinevi     Marina Dinevi     Marina Dinevi